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$142 USD 1 adult ATV  
amd 1
Zip line tour

223 USD 2 adults double
ATV and
2 zip line line

Start time
9 am or 1 pm

4 1/2 hours

*ATV drive Canopy tour
*Bottled waters helmet
*Professional guide

We make it easy to make
online reservations just fill
out the info on this page
and We will contact you
          The ATV and Zip line combo Canopy River
Earth, Water, Air & Adrenaline. ... The perfect combination
for a great adventure. On board of an ATV we will rejoice
through unknown trails with the amazing view of the Sierra
Madre at Canopy River. We will make a stop in a wonderful
crystalline waterfall “el salto” where you can take a dive in
the natural spring water to conclude our adventure on an
ATV after 60 minutes of excitement. We turn on the speed,
flying over the river, feel the wind as you go 200 feet above
the river at extreme speed, among the treetops, enjoying the
majestic scenery surrounding CANOPY RIVER, a place
where adventure has only one name and the special guest
is you. Ahh! I almost forgot... don’t say I didn’t tell you,
emal us direct at
Choose amount of Reservations
Choose reservation Date
Reserve online and save 15%
Choose amount of Reservations
Choose reservation Date
Reserve online and save 15%
Minimum age: 18 years

Minimum age for extra passenger: 6 years

Maximum weight: 120 kg o 264 lb

Maximum weight for simple motorcycle: 110
kg or 242 lbs

Maximum weight for double motorcycle: 220
kg or 484 lbs
Must have a Credit card (Visa - mastercard)

Must have a Valid driver's license.

For safety reasons, pregnant women and
individuals with asthma, heart problems,
and back problems can't perform the activity