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tour length 4 hours
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$57 Adults
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start time 9 AM, 11 AM, 12pm,
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tour length 4 hours

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There are about 10 different Canopy tours to choose from in Puerto Vallarta  if
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2 for 1
canopy tour deals
2 for 1
canopy tour deals
2 for 1
canopy tour deals
El Eden Canopy tour
Puerto Vallarta's el eden is a very popular  Jungle  here in PV. This action filled
tour is located in the same jungle where the movie predator with Arnold
Schwarzenegger was filmed this  adventurous jungle canopy tour is high above
the jungle.  As you "Zip"through the tree-tops of the jungle canopy, high above
the trails and waterfalls, you'll see the helicopter that was blown up in the in
Predator.Flying through the air with the greatest of ease is a great adventure for
all ages, el eden canopy tour  expert guides are always on hand to help you
along the ten different zip lines that cover more than two miles of the Mismaloya
River and jungle areas. After completing your journey through the tree-tops, you
can visit the Tequila factory to discover how Tequila and Raicilla (a local drink)
are made, sample the many different varieties available and, if the spirit moves
you,purchase a bottle of your preferred drink to take home
Suitable for individuals and groups travelers who are seeking a thrilling
adventure in the jungle of Mismaloya, Canopy El Eden is completely safe and
lots of fun! Before or after the tour, you can enjoy lunch at El Eden Restaurant,
take a refreshing swim in the river, slide down a large boulder into the cool clear
water, or swing out over the waterfall.
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The Canopy River and Mule ride
tour consist's of 12 Zip lines that run through the forst of the sierra
Madre The Canopy River stretches over 2 Km the biggest Canopy in
Puerto Vallarta and also one of the highest enjoy the great views of the
sierra madre 600 feet up in the air. For those of you who really take
pleasure in nature, Sierra Madre Canopy Tours are definitely. Canopy
Tours involve sliding from one high level forest platform to another
along a steel cable suspended up to 200 hundred meters above the
Cuale River.
Your  canopy tour will began with a safety briefing. Your guides will
demonstrate how to slide on the cables and will inform you of any safety
procedures that need to be adhered to on the tour. Thereafter you will be
equipped with a full body harness, pulley, climbing equipment and
safety helmet. From the start, an entire new world unveils itself as one as
you slide gently through the forest. Once arriving at each platform we
stop for a while and breathe in the fresh air while admiring the
spectacular scenery of the forest around you and the River underneath
you (in some of them we’ll provide you with a drinkable, purified water to
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price $80

Canopy tour Rancho Las Vegas
is located at the top of the Sierra Madre mountain enjoy the best views that
Puerto Vallarta Mexico has to offer while You fly from tree top to tree top on the
La vista Canopy tours 12 zip lines. enjoy the views of banderas bay and Sierre
Madre mountains while You go on the newest and becoming most popular
canopy tour in Puerto Vallarta.
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price $51

El Nogalito canopy tour
Welcome to El Nogalito the newest and becoming the most popular canopy tour
in Puerto Vallarta,  located within the limits of a small  village which has the same
name,  At the end of an ancient and cheerful path penetrating the jungle, right in
the back of the mountain which is bathed by a river, is now filled with 12 zip lines
on canopy, enjoy riding while surrounded by the beautiful  jungle vegetation,
waterfalls, rivers, and more. After the canopy tour Nogalito  invites you to come
and relax while listening to the flow of the river, or explore the jungle vegetation
and habitat.
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price $57

Extreme Zip line. Expereince 4 tours in 1 Zip lines, off roading, water slide,
and Reppeling and the best adventure park in PV
On this spectacular eco-adventure tour you will experience what can only be
described as a pulse-stopping view of one of the most beautiful and complex
biological communities on earth. Feel the rush of adrenalin pump through your
veins as you whoosh from platform to platform, 90 ft (30 meters) above the forest
floor! A series of thrilling zip lines gives you the maximum opportunity to marvel
at the stunning, tropical setting as you effortlessly traverse through the huge
tropical trees, amongst wild orchids and a diversity of native birds and reptiles.At
Vallarta Adventures, safety is the top priority. All of our guides have been
extensively trained and we insist on having only the best equipment with not one,
but two safety ropes for your added security. Participants are under the constant
care and supervision of highly qualified personal who have received over 200
hours of formal training in Canopy Tour operations and safety techniques, and
we use only top-quality equipment that is regularly and rigorously inspected and
maintained. Our knowledgeable guides will assist you every step of the way -
from the time you leave the ground, until you rappel back down to the forest
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Price $109 per Adult $72 kids .