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DOLPHIN Signature Swim
Breathe in and feel the butterflies of childlike wonder as you swim
together with a Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin in Puerto Vallarta!
Dolphins Rides make Unforgettable Memories During this
40-minute intimate opportunity, you will dance, play and laugh
together creating unforgettable memories. Feel the speed and
agility of your dolphin as you enjoy a stealthy dorsal ride across the
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Our friendly family of Pacific Bottlenose dolphins are always ready
to playwith new friends, so we've developed Dolphin Kids, a
special "kids only" dolphin interaction program that gives children
ages 4-8 the chance to get closer to dolphins than they ever
dreamed possible!
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If you've ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins you can turn your
dreams into reality in Puerto Vallarta! Our Dolphin Swim Adventure
gives up to 8 people 30 minutes of in-water dolphin interaction;
getting to know each other through hugs, kisses, and an exciting
belly ride!
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Spend an exciting day working beside our dolphin trainers!
Whetheryou're considering a career as a dolphin trainer, or just
want to spend more hands-on time with our friendly family of
dolphins, our Trainer for a Day program is an enchanting and
wondrous adventure that you'll never forget!   
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Private Catamaran